the Rotarian
Client: Rotary International
A.D.: Jennifer Moody

About: What's it like to.. I'm thrilled to share this, The Rotarian honored me with an entire special issue project, I was asked to do an illustration for and every story in this issue, personal stories from Rotary members, Starting with "what's it like to...' Let me tell you what it's like to.... illustrate the entire issue ;) To go short, doing the illustrations for this special was both an honor and a thrill! Editorial packages like these don’t come along that often. More typically I’m hired to illustrate complex themes or abstract topics of business or social/medical nature. Quite different are these remarkable, personal stories. Art Director Jennifer Moody gave me the freedom to do my thing as long as the final series would be a mixture of conceptual and more literal illustrations. In cojunction with her design I think we managed to present the readers a divers yet consistent series and an interesting read.

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