Between the Dream and the Act
Client: CPNB
A.D.: Arie van der Krogt
Award: World Illustration Award, 3x3 ProShow, Lürzers' Archive

About: I had the honor and pleasure of providing Mayor Aboutaleb with a cover illustration for his essay 'Dream and Act', which was launched this morning. The Mayor, who gained worldwide recognition after his television appearance and speech after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, is pleading for a We-society in which there is a place for anyone, regardless of origins, religion, skin color or sexual orientation. A society in which there is a place for both dreamers and do-ers, in which we can realise our dreams by sharing and caring. 'he who travels alone goes faster, he who travels with other comes further'.. One of the things I love about Ahmed Aboutaleb is that he really is a mayor to anyone, no exceptions. And he is one of those rare people in politics that are genuine, true to his word, and yes constantly building his dream of a better society

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